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I have so many goals for cheer, specifically tumbling and stunting goals. I love to tumble. It can be challenging and fun at the same time. It’s a cool thing to work on.  I love to flip backwards and frontwards it scares some people but I think it is fun
and a breeze. If I am not tumbling I’m typically stunting.

Capture those Goals!

My goals for flying are to never be discouraged with a bad fall. The key is to get back up and try it again. Other major goals for stunting are to become stronger and more flexible. As far as stunting, a lot of work goes into both flying and basing. You have to work together on timing, steps, and communication to make sure the flyer won’t fall while the flyers job is to be both flexible and tight. One goal I have for stunting is to base a tic-toc.

Although, tumbling is my real passion. I love to tumble and try new things and make my way to become stronger. One goal I have for tumbling is to get my full. I have always dreamed to have it and I know with hard work and focus, I will get there. And one day, I want to be able to do scorpion tic-toc. If you have a moment, check out a few Pinterest photos of tumbling and cheer stunts.

This yer I’m working to become better at toe touches and doing multiples in tucks. There are so many things I want to do to become a better stunter and tumbler. Another focused goal is doing a two hand tuck or basing a toe touch basket. I want to be the best cheerleader I can be.

I strive to become the best and try new things, even if they scare me. My goals are what I depend on to stay determined to get out and work hard, then reach them. I have to be dedicated and strive to reach my goals. It may be tough but someday I will reach them! Then I will make more and exciting goals to break. Here’s a cool blog link to check out for a Step-by-step guide to Tumbling.

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