Technical Tips to Stunting

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One of my greatest qualities is being a good student.  Being a good student does not just help one while in school and dealing with education. Most students that do well in school are those that are willing to be challenged.  Being a good student is also very essential when you are in competitive cheer, recreational cheer, school cheer, a tumbling class and EVEN a jumps class.  As a base on my competitive cheer team I am always very excited when we LEARN NEW STUNTS or when our coach pushes us to our maximum level of stunting. Why you ask?  Well that is easy… because it is a challenge and I am always up for a challenge.

While at practice my coaches are almost ALWAYS changing our stunts to see how they can max out the difficulty for the stunts category of the score sheet.  Maxing out your stunts can be very beneficial to help your team get the WIN.  Practicing new stunts can be very difficult when first learning how to do them.  It takes a lot of patience and trusting your teammates to get the stunt down.  When you are learning new stunts it is important to not get frustrated the first couple of times.  It is okay if you make mistakes at first because; you are learning a new skill.  As you practice more and more you will get the stunt down. Find additional instructions and basics here. 

A very crucial part to learning stunts is SHOWING UP TO PRACTICE.  This is so you can make sure you get all the tips and pointers from your coaches that are needed to get the stunt.  If you don’t show up you could miss out on those vital instructions from your coach not to mention, loosing a ton of practice time to work on the new stunt. This can cause you and your stunt group issues especially if you have a specific time limit to get the stunt to perfection.  Another thing that could happen if you don’t show up to practice is you could possibly lose some of your skills. Then you have to spend even more time trying to gain your prior skills to get to your new skills for the stunt. For more tips on learning and progressing, check out our Chasse Blog here.

In conclusion, while learning new stunts it is crucial to 1. Be a good student who WANTS to learn the stunt 2. NEVER get frustrated and 3. ALWAYS, ALWAYS go to practice.  Keeping these simple little tips in your mind will make learning new stunts easier.






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Averye Bright

Averye Bright is 14 from Rowlett, Texas and is a member of Sideline Storm Lightning level 3. Her cheerleading experience includes seven years of competitive and recreational cheer.

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