Summertime Focus: Even if the Beach is Calling

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With Summer Season in full swing, here are some important tips for staying focused. Even if you may rather be lounging at the beach. Read on!

Tip 1: Set a Schedule. Whether it’s on your phone calendar or on a paper calendar, set yourself a schedule. If you have a schedule it’s easier to stick to your routine. This way you can schedule things around your workout. By having a schedule in place, you can stay consistent and on track with your goals. I personally find it easier to set myself a schedule because then I won’t forget what I need to do and I can make plans around my structure.

Tip 2: Stretch. Stretching is so important as a cheerleader. So set aside a couple minutes each day for stretching. Staying flexible is very important, you don’t want to lose your skills. Stretching every day or every other day will help you with the upcoming season and it will help you stay in shape. You could also take progress pictures for motivation to keep going.

Tip 3: Tumbling. Even if you’re not a tumbler you can always go to the gym and work on new skills. Tumbling is always a good idea. For tumblers, they say it’s good to create muscle memory so you won’t forget your skills. So go to the gym often or tumble in your yard to make sure you stay in shape and maintain your skill set.

Tip 4: Listen to music. Music always helps me focus when I’m doing things. It allows me to focus on my goal and working hard to do more. Mental toughness and focus are an important piece to being an athlete. Here are a few tips on developing mental strength and fortitude. Check them out here. 

Tip 5: Set your next goal. Find a goal you want to achieve for the upcoming season and focus on it. Whether it’s a new tumbling skill or a new flying skill, be discipline.  Find something that you personally want to achieve and work towards it. Write down your goals in a spot that is visible for you each day. Whether it’s on your phone, on your bathroom mirror, or both- just make sure you see it as often as possible so you can stay focused on the goal.

These are my 5 Summertime FocusTips to help keep you on track and moving forward. We all love summertime for the fun, the break from school, the time with friends and family, and of course the relaxation. But we must keep moving forward to reach our goals, even when that summer fun hits. Read on for additional tips to Accomplishing Anything, a fellow Athlete Ambassador’s blog here. 

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