Summer Cross-Training Tips

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“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” -Morihei Ueshiba

The definition of cross-training is practicing several different sports or types of exercises in order to improve your performance in your main sport. Although I do not participate in any specific sports other than cheerleading, I exercise all the time. Here are some of my tips for making the most out of your summer workouts.

For me the summer time can get pretty busy, so at the beginning of the season I make a schedule based on my practice days. On the days I have longer practices I focus on at home, low-impact workouts. While on the weekends and days I do not have practice I do more strenuous workouts like going for a run on the greenway or exercising at a gym. Many athletes are involved in workout programs like crossfit and yoga. I love my Cheerfit Training workouts! They are targeted specifically for cheerleaders and have exercises for anything from improving jump flexibility to busting that mental block. New exercises are always being posted and they even have live Instagram workout sessions every Tuesday on their Instagram page. Check out this Blog on Stretch Tips for new ideas as well.

A few of my daily exercises include crunches, squats, planks, and candlesticks. Daily stretching is important for everyone and especially important for flyers. If you are a base or backspot you may want to incorporate hand weights into your daily routine to build your arm strength. Everyone should work on jumps! Some of my favorite exercises are straddle leg lifts and v-ups with ankle weights on. This way when you take the ankle weights off it makes your jumps much higher. I also like to switch up my normal routines with workouts using a yoga ball, weights, and a medicine ball.

Another key way to make workouts fun is to have an exercise partner. Whether you just meet up and go on a run together or do buddy workouts, it’s always motivating to have someone to exercise with.

My best tip to stay fit during the summer is to create a routine that works for you. Then stick with it! You get the best results when you are consistent with your workouts. I have also found that setting weekly fitness goals helps keep me on track.

Eat healthy, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest! Keep all of these tips in mind and crush those goals!


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Belle Fabian

Belle has been an all-star cheerleader since 2011. She is a current member of the Impact One All Stars in North Carolina on both their Senior Outbreak and Junior Fury teams. Belle’s favorite part of cheerleading is being a flyer and hitting new stunts to perform throughout the competition season.

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