Smart Living: Top 5 Cheer Hacks

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In cheer leading, there are a lot of “hacks” that cheerleaders use to help them make it through the season. I want to share with you my most used “hacks” in hopes of helping you have the best season ever.

Hack 1:   The lipstick on teeth preventer

This hack allows you to smile for pictures without having lipstick on your teeth. The way you make this happen is by first putting on your lipstick. Then, you use your pointer finger by putting it in between your lips.  Your lips will wrap around your finger like a sucker. Then, you slide your finger out from between your lips and POOF! Lipstick will be on your finger not on your teeth. Now, whenever you smile, you won’t have to worry about your teeth having lipstick on them. Your pictures will be beautiful.

Hack 2:   Stretching

With this cheer hack, a cheerleader can stretch different parts of their body so that they can pull beautiful body positions. I use ankle weights to help. First, put the weights on your ankles. I start with 5 pound weights. Then stretch your legs first by standing in a door. Try to walk your leg up the wall as far as you can. The weights will add resistance to your stretch. Once you have stretched your legs, try pulling all of the body positions. Attempt to pull the different positions at least 10 times each. By the end, you should be able to pull the positions with a better range of motion.

Hack 3: Toothbrush

I spray hairspray on an old toothbrush and use this to comb any  fly-aways back towards my ponytail. Then, I spray them down. The toothbrush gives me better control of my hair.

Hack 4: Shoelace

If your shoelaces are too long, then you can either wrap them around the bottom of your shoe and then tie them.  Or you can tie your shoe normally and then double-up your laces in each of the top loops.

Hack 5: Jumping

I use this hack to help me stretch my hip flexors. First, I sit on the ground in a pike position. Then, I rotate my hips backwards in a circle so that I end in a seal stretch. Then, I take my legs and rotate them forwards so that I end in a pike position. I do this 3 times in a 2-rep cycle. This hack teaches me how to rotate my hips while jumping. I am also able to hold my splits longer and to be tighter during my different tumbling passes.

I hope that my cheer hacks have been helpful. For a few more Cheer Hack tips from a fellow athlete blog as well as Pinterest, check here. Here’s to a great 2018 season.


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Ava Torres

Ava Torres is in her third season as a competitive cheerleader. She is currently cheering at Cheer Extreme Allstars in Charlotte, NC.

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