Learning New Stunts: A Step-by-Step Guide

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With stunting experience in the air as well as on the ground, I know first hand how much goes into flying and basing.

The first step in learning a new stunt is fully understanding the stunt.  A guideline to keep in mind is to keep stunts in or around you and your squads skill levels. The goal is to push your limits, progress your skills, and be safe. If you are new to stunting start out with some trust exercises between your flyer and base. Then, slowly progress to level 1 stunts. YouTube is a helpful resource for finding examples of stunts at every level.

The second step in learning a new stunt is to know your environment. Make sure to have a safe space to practice. Learning new stunts can be difficult and dangerous. Lots of mistakes can happen so you should always be prepared. Have mats set up under your stunt as a precaution and make sure your coach is available to help.

Another key to stunting is full team participation. When learning a new stunt or when stunting in general, be sure that everyone in your stunt group is putting in 100% effort at all times. Stunting is so much fun and can be easy if everyone is focused.

You’ll want to be completely in the zone when you are stunting because your flyer is depending on you. There has to be a high level of trust between the flyer and the base. As a flyer, you have to stay tight, keep your head up, and hold your own weight. If you are loose you make your bases job ten times harder. They are doing everything they can to keep you in the air and keep you safe. Check out this LiveStrong blog for a few additional tips for bases. 

It is crucial for a flyer to stretch frequently. Even if you aren’t at practice you should be stretching daily. Flexibility is key in stunting. If you can’t pull your stretch on the ground you won’t be able to pull it in the air. A great goal for starting out as a flyer should be to have all your splits down. Once you successfully have them down you can sit in your leg split and lean backwards trying to reach for your leg.

There is so much that goes into learning and stunting. For some additional tips, check out this fellow athlete’s blog on team stunting tips now. And above all, the most important part is to do your best no matter what position of the stunt.

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