Cheer Traditions and Higher Standards

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Making and keeping traditions has always been a cornerstone in my life.  I have incorporated many different types, such as family, school, and life. Some family traditions of going to the lake or beach during the summer with my family, stopping for breakfast on the mornings of the first and last days of school, and always celebrating Holidays in certain ways are some examples of how I stay devoted to particular traditions in my life.

A new Cheer tradition to incorporate is this mindset: Cheerleaders don’t take days off. Even though some of us are getting into the swing of warmer weather, summer, school out of session, pool parties, birthdays, lake days, and vacations,  my new tradition is to carve out gym-time into each day.

It’s time to hit the gym, perfect your tumbling, and work on stunts to enhance routines. Remember, Cheerleaders don’t take days off! This new tradition includes conditioning year-round instead of cramming right before tryouts. This keeps my body healthy and in tiptop shape. Read on for more fit-Traditions you can incorporate! If vacationing with family or enjoying a Lake Day, I can still stay committed by fitting in my workout and staying on track.

I love to tumble and take inspiring cheer and fitness photos to share and post. Cheerleading is my sport and my lifestyle. The support and understanding of my parents, teammates, and coaches is what keeps me feeling dedicated to setting new traditions.

It all starts with a dream. And with the drive, initiative, determination, and solid support system in place, it will become a reality. The time and commitment that I give is for both me and my team. Here is another Cheer Blog on traditions to check out. My team is an extension of my family. It all starts with a dream, a new tradition, and lots of dedication. From there, you make your dreams a reality.



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Lauren Carter

I'm Lauren from Lexington, Kentucky. I am a Varsity Co-ed Cheerleader for my High School and I have fallen in love with cheering, along with my cheer family. I'm so excited to be a Chassé Athlete. I want to inspire others in my school and community and be a positive role model.

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