A Balanced Summer Schedule

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Striking a schedule balance with cheer, family, and life during the summer months can be a challenge. But with morning practice as a routine, my schedule tends to stay pretty predictable.

Morning practices mean that the rest of my day is typically free. Although with the addition of parades and camp, my schedule can get a little more tricky. As cheer is such a time-intensive sport, for me it’s best to review my schedule as far out as I can.

Practices during the summer are early in the morning, usually from either 6a -9am. Before every summer practice, we run a mile to help build our endurance. When we finish our run, it’s time to stretch. During this time, we discuss any material we need to review that day. Next, we get into stunting. Our practice days are Monday through Friday with an occasional Friday off.

Parades and cheer camp are always my favorite time of year. During parade time, we learn and perfect a short-dance routine to perform. Sometimes we incorporate our tryout dance into this routine.  It takes a lot of practice and concentration to make improvements and be at our best. Camps are also a really fun time for Cheerleaders. At camp, we usually wake up at 8am. We spent the day learning a new routine, working on stunts, and tons of other fun activities. Camp is where we really push it together to learn new skills for competition season. Also we get the chance to learn a new competition routine.

Before summer and the practices, parades, and camps kick off, I look ahead to the upcoming weeks. This way I know what to expect so I’m calm and focused for the upcoming events.

One thing I keep in mind is that it’s important to me to make time for my friends and family. The key to balance for me is to plan ahead. This makes all of my commitments more relaxing, fun, and enjoyable.

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Kiara Green

I have cheered for a total of 3 years, 2 of those years were in high school cheer and one year in All-Star Cheer. And for all years, I have been on the Varsity Cheer Team. I love it!

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