My Summer Goals

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My Summer goals

Get my standing tuck

Stay in shape

Have fun

Make new friends

A stunt goal I set for myself this summer is to nail my standing tuck. To achieve this, I will work really hard at practice, take my goal seriously, and stay committed. I will be in the gym a lot and put in the extra time to get where I want to be.

Another summer goal I have is to stay in my best shape. In order to nail my tuck by fall, my body has to be in top physical condition. To nail stunts like a standing tuck, I will need to be at my best physically. To achieve a technical stunt like this, I will need to track my progress. I will determine the exact amount of time it will take to make progress and feel confident and strong.

Another goal I have set this summer is to have fun. Summer can become long and boring if you don’t try to have fun with everything. My goal is no matter what I do I will always find a way to have fun. When I am at the cheer gym I have fun with my coaches and teammates. This can mean working together to set new goals and work on challenging stunts together. When I am at the pool with my friends, I have fun playing, laughing, and connecting in the sunshine. Even when I am at home doing chores, I play music, enjoy my tasks and have fun.

Making new friends is also one of my goals that I will integrate into my everyday life. I feel it is important to always meet new people because they help me to try new things, learn, and grow.  It is also really nice to meet people and see if they like the same stuff as you. Setting your Cheer Goals with friends is a helpful tip to stay connected. Check out this Chasse Blog for important tips! 

I am looking forward to summer so I can start working on my new goals. Summer is a great time to set goals because of the flexible schedule compared to the school year. Goals are a great way to set yourself up for the future you want. I can’t wait to see the impact achieving these goals will make on my season next year.  I think a goal is a right step in the direction you want to go in. Work hard and dig in! Check out this handy Goal Setting Template to guide you along the way.


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