Stunt Team Tips to Live By

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When learning new stunts, trusting your team and teamwork are the most critical components in cheer leading. Learning new things is challenging. Teamwork and trust are qualities that make your team stronger. While stunting can be extremely nerve-wracking, it’s important to remember that you are not in this alone. Your entire stunt team has a role in making sure you hit the stunt with no injuries. Trusting your stunt group is a big part in learning.

To learn any stunt, the first step is to watch the instructor attentively and listen carefully to their advice. They tend to know how to hit the stunt better than you. Next, your stunt group should mark through the movements and hand placement for clarity. This can help to visualize the stunt and then practice it properly. After marking through the stunt once or twice, you should try it with a partner. If the stunt is going to an extension and your group does not have a solid extension, ask for an extra spot.  Hitting a stunt on the first try is definitely an exciting achievement. But don’t stop there. Remember, practice makes perfect. And although we may not ever reach perfection, take every opportunity you can to dial it in.

Although you want to do it correctly the first couple of times, it may not happen like that. If your stunt falls, there’s no need to feel discouraged or be too hard on yourself. Turn this into a learning experience. If you can’t find where things went south, ask your coach to watch.

Here are a few more technical tips for stunting. An important tip for bases is to keep the toe of the flyer slightly lower than her heel. When her toe is higher it slightly pushes her back and may cause her to fall or bobble. Balance and strength are key. When basing, try to stay under the flyer and plant your feet firmly on the floor. The bases should also be lined up chest to chest since the closer you are the more stable the flyer will be. An important tip for flyers to remember is to keep your eyes straight ahead and try to focus on an object. Flyers should lock their legs out instead of having their legs bent because it can make the stunt shaky. Squeezing your butt muscles also helps keep you balanced.

Drills are essential. Find time to work on them at home, not just in the gym.

And one last tip to leave you with, remember that falling only makes you better. So just breathe, work through the mistakes and try again until you succeed.

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Arlycia Smith

Arlycia Smith has been cheering for almost ten years. She started competitive cheer in 2008 and started cheering for her school in 2013. Arlycia has been to many cheerleading competitions in the state of Ohio including states at The Ohio University during her freshman year.

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