Essential Summer Fit Tips

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My Summer Body Is In Progress

To stay fit, I go to the gym everyday. If I can’t make it, which is rare, I do some cheer workouts and stretches in my house.  Every morning I go for a run around the park or around town.

I watch the things I eat. I eat 3 meals and occasionally a snack before bed.

Here is my typical set of stretches and workout routine:


-10 pike leg lifts                                          -20 squats

-10 of each jump                                        -10 straddle leg lifts, each side

-10 straddle leg lifts, together


-20 crunches                                               -15 sit-ups

-10 pike ups                                                 -10 straddle ups

-15 second hollow body hold                 -10 leg donuts (circles)

-10 bicycles


-10 push-ups                                               -10 dips

-10 burpees                                                 -10 plank to push ups


-1 minute splits both legs                         -1 minute middle split

-10 backbends

Here is some inspiration and guidance on Cheerleading workouts to try. 

Even when on vacation or taking some time to relax this summer, movement is key. You may want to take a walk on the beach or swim in the ocean for exercise. If you plan ahead you can enjoy activities like hiking, jogging, paddle boarding.

If I ever feel a little tired or not in the mood for a workout- I remember I always feel better when I go for it. My mantra is: I Can Do It! Just push through it. And for even more tips, check out a professional Cheerleaders tips to staying fit here. 

Go get ’em!


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Brenna Stidham

Brenna Stidham is a Sophomore at Seymour High School. She has been a cheerleader for 5 years and has also been a member of her school's band. Brenna recently joined the color guard team and is enjoying it just much as she does cheerleading.

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