Determination in Cheerleading

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Playing any sport comes with a lot of challenge and responsibility. Some key qualities include time management, physical preparedness, and good sportsmanship. However, in order to be a cheerleader at the top of your game, you must reach beyond these basic qualities. Being a cheerleader means you must trust in your teammates and be a supportive and encouraging team player with a good attitude.

Teamwork plays a key role in stunting, which is one of the most important and challenging categories of cheer. Everyone has to work together and trust one another in order for a stunt to go up correctly. For a smooth and seamless execution, you have to put trust in your team and yourself to make it hit.

 Learning new skills such as stunting and tumbling can be challenging. Most of the time, you wont get a skill on the first try, so it is important to be patient and stay determined to learn. To learn more about mental toughness in 3-steps, click here. 

When I started cheer leading as a flyer, it was hard to be fearless while flying so high in the air. But with lots of work and practice, I learned that I could trust my teammates to catch me. Another key piece was understanding the importance of determination in cheerleading. You have to want to reach your goal so much that nothing can stand in your way. With hard work and determination, you can do anything! Check out one of our other athlete blogs to learn some of the other challenges Cheer Leaders often face. 

While it takes a multitude of qualities to be successful at what you do, I think determination is more important than even skill set. While cheer leading or participating in any sport, you will face a number of challenges. There will always be obstacles you must overcome but if you are mentally strong and have the determination to push on, you will be the best you can be. 

These qualities of strength and determination will always prevail over your skill set, no matter of your level. If you really desire to get better and be a strong athlete then you will always reach your goals.

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Molly Harahan

My name is Molly Harahan and I am a current Page High school junior. I fly for our varsity cheer squad and cheer is my favorite thing to do.

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