Choreography: The Fast Pass

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Choreography can be one of the most fun parts of a performance but also the most difficult. Some things that help me when I am learning choreography are to focus on what is being taught, find a partner to practice with, and review the dance constantly.

When I am first being taught a dance I really enjoying learning it. I think that you could do an awesome routine with amazing stunts and get to the end of the performance and ruin your hard work with bad choreography. When I am with my squad and we are learning our dance many of the girls will mess around, not taking it seriously. I try to focus in on the dance and memorize every move in detail. I also ask a lot of questions so I don’t learn the dance wrong and commit muscle memory to the wrong moves.

Once I have learned the dance, I talk to my friends and find a time when we can practice outside of our scheduled times. Usually we just go to one of our houses on a weekend and practice.We meet to work on our choreography together a couple of times and then do it individually. I have my friend watch me do it and tell me if I am doing a move wonky, too late, or wrong completely. Having someone watch you who also knows the dance and can tell you what you are doing wrong really helps the process. Check out this fellow athlete’s blog on Choreography as a skill to learn now by clicking the link. 

Another thing I do to help learn choreography quickly is go over it in my head multiple times. It really shows you have dance memorized if you can go through it without having to actually do the dance. I also write down the counts on a piece of paper and then write the dance moves that correlate with the counts. Sometimes, if I have a few extra minutes in class, I will zone out and think about the moves. I will be walking in between classes and practice while walking and do the arm motions. I might look a little crazy but it’s worth it for me to learn and perform at my best.  For more tips on specifically dance choreography, click here.

That concludes my tips and helpful hints on learning choreography for Cheer. Remember practice, practice, memorize, and repeat.

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Rachel Harris

I have been on the Bemidji High School Cheer Squads for 2.5 years. I started out on Wrestling Squad then switched to the Football squad for the fall and Basketball Squad in the winter. I love cheer and plan on continuing it through my high school and college career.

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