Accomplishing Anything: The How To Guide

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Many people wonder what it takes to accomplish a goal? The answer can be broken down into two things: Hard work, dedication, motivation, and strength. Today’s generation makes it seem so easy to accomplish a simple goal. Accomplish is to get something done.  People usually accomplish things that are sources of pride – like goals or records.

What it takes to accomplish a goal is often simply hard work. Hard work is a great deal of effort or endurance focused in on a particular task or initiative.  Another way to accomplish anything is dedication. Dedication is the quality of being committed to a task or purpose. Motivation is the reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Strength can help you push yourself everyday. It is defined as the quality or state of being strong , in particular. Often, achieving one’s goal can take a lot of time.  The staple needed is the support of your parents, teammates, and your community or school. Practice and work toward your goal and know that you can achieve anything.

Some people prefer not to try for or accomplish a goal they think is too hard. Most people think it’s impossible. A great reminder and mindset is that nothing is impossible.  I have been working on mastering a tuck for 4 years.  And I still don’t have it. It takes the desire and strength to thrive and chase what you want most. For an interesting article on Sports Motivation, click here. 

The harder that you push yourself, the harder that you work. Goal accomplishment is a big part of everyone’s life. Just reach for the sky and you can accomplish any goal you want! Never give up on the goals you set.  Strive for your goals. With hard work, dedication and motivation: I promise one day you will reach any goal you dreamed of.

And once you reach for what you want, check out this blog from one of our Chasse Athletes on what to do next.


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Haleigh Seevers

Haleigh Seevers is 15 years old and goes to Marietta High School. She has cheered for 8 years now and did competition cheer for 4 years. Haleigh also did school cheer in elementary and middle school. She love cheering and it has always been a special part of her life.

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