Fall Squad Forecasting

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Fall is such an amazing season. It marks the start of two of the most important times of our year: competition preparation for our team and of course, football season. My squad goals for this fall are to bond under those stadium lights during games as the crowd watches and cheers us on.

I want my team to remember all the amazing times on that track that will soon be gone. As quick as it comes, football season will soon be over. So the key is to be present, enjoy this time of the season, and give it your very best.

I want our team to get close and form a bond so strong that nothing can change it. I want us to hit new stunts, add new routines, tumbles, and cheers, and to overall improve our skills. Here is a pinterest link for some fun routine inspirations. Check it out now. And for help setting fresh and new goals this fall, check out by this blog one of our athlete ambassadors here.

A major squad goal I have is to increase fan and student engagement. I’d love to see more crowd involvement. I want the crowd to yell our cheers even on the way home that night. I want the crowd to remember how spirited and lively the cheerleaders were the next morning. Crowd involvement like this creates such an exciting and engaged event, not to mention what it does for our school’s team.



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Rylee Hord-Armes

My name is Rylee Alahna Armes. I started cheering last year and I never want to stop. My favorite quote is “Strive for progress not perfection” because a coach once told me perfection is not attainable but progress is.

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