Summer Tips for a Stellar Cheer Season

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To train in the Summer, I typically take a 30-minute walk then move on to some tumbling.  Though this year, things have changed as I am working and have a new dog to take care of. I am thinking walking my new puppy a few mornings before work to be sure to get my cardio in. Then I can add some tumbling drills to my routine a few days each week. Tumbling and stunts require endurance, so walking and running will help me stay strong.

Tumbling with jumps is the best thing to do in off-season. My philosophy has always been that just because it is summer time, no need to let up on training.  Staying active is so important for fitness and to stay Cheer-season ready. And always stay hydrated during all activities. I rotate with two water bottles to keep me going strong and functioning at my best. Other things I incorporate are swimming, running, and doing stadium steps.

I love hitting up the trampoline parks in the evening.  I get to practice my jumps and try new skills with limited injury.  The park allows for me to exercise and not get a sun burn as I am very fair skinned.  Also with the parks, you have air conditioning.  I love to use the crash mats to try new skills because you can get the positioning right and slowly work on the landings.

Cheerleading is a sport that you need to work hard at year round. It’s important to remember that there really is no off-season. Read here for a few additional Fit Tips from one of our Athlete blogs here.  We had tryouts late this year, so I am excited to work on new cheers this summer with my new squad.  I know we will have a workout schedule put together too. For a more specific plan to keep you focused, check out this 2-week Cheerleaders Workout plan by LiveStrong here.

Remember to stay strong, stay focused, and keep moving toward your goals!



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Janelle Norkevicus

Janelle is a high school cheerleader in Pennsylvania. She became a cheerleader at age eleven and is now on her school's varsity cheer team. Janelle enjoys the stunting and tumbling aspects of cheerleading and continues to learn new skills.

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