What To Expect at Cheer Camp

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Going to cheer camp can be super exciting and yet may cause some nerves if you do not know what to expect. There are so many personal benefits to be gained at camp beyond just the basic cheer skills. It will help you to keep an open mind and focus on the experience overall rather than get too focused on worries and the parts that do not go as you thought. The general goal is for team bonding, individual growth, and an introduction to those abilities you will continue to work on throughout the season. With a little preparation and the right attitude you are well on your way to making camp a positive and rewarding experience.

In the month or two leading up to camp you will want to condition and stretch in an appropriate manner. Please consult your coach and/or doctor to develop a healthy pre-camp workout routine. The amount of physical work required will be tough and the more you prepare ahead of time, the more you can gain from camp. Many days are as long as twelve hours and keeping your stamina up will also be important; this requires proper nutrition and hydration. Bring snacks that you know will fuel your energy like protein and energy bars. Your squad mates will love talking and bonding over food breaks, so bring some to share! Breaks for filling water bottles can occasionally be too far apart, so as many as three or four personal water bottles is recommended. Plan to pack a few comfort items from home, the hard work and busy schedule can take its toll and being homesick is no fun. Having your own pillow and blanket can really be a great comfort after a long day. How about your favorite stuffed animal?

While at camp your number one tool is your attitude. You will need to stay open to learning new things in new ways. All coaches have different styles and staying stuck in what you already know is a sure way to get frustrated. It can be stressful when you struggle with a certain skill and letting negativity get the better of you can be a difficult track to get off of. Rely on your team mates, coaches, and counselors to support you when you feel you are behind. Never be afraid to ask questions, ask for help, or try things again. The farther behind you get, the more difficult things become. Comparing yourself or your squad to others is another common way to let your worries get the better of you. Try to remember each person is unique in their skills and every person has their strengths and weaknesses. You were chosen for the team because you brought something the coach wanted. Use others as a source of inspiration and appreciation. Go out of your way to project how much you admire others for something they have achieved. You will find that they pay the compliment back and that goes a long way to keeping your self-esteem up. Other squads will showcase different skills and points of view for you to draw inspiration from, treat camp like your personal catalog of information to use as you like.

The basics will include cheers, dance, tumbling, stunting, jumps, motions, games, and conditioning. You should familiarize yourself with the names of the jumps and motions if you have not already. Practicing them at home ahead of time can really help. Your voice will be tested and it helps to not over do it right away. Most camps include learning of a whole routine. This is your chance to put together everything you have learned and to really shine. These routines are generally showcased at the end of camp and are a great way to get used to performing in front of crowds. By the end of camp you will be exhausted, but you will be better cheerleader and team mate. You can be proud that you went outside your comfort zone and challenged yourself to a great many things both mentally and physically.

Be prepared to have a lot of fun, make a lot of friends, and to be pushed beyond your limits. If you focus on your own growth and new skills, you are sure to have a positive cheer camp experience. The saying goes, you get out what you put in and this could not be more true when it comes to cheer camp. You worked hard to get that far – so make the most of it!

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Shelbi Ellis-Allen

Shelbi Allen fell in love with cheer after volunteering to be the head coach for her daughter’s squad in 2010. She is a coach of youth football cheer for the 4-7 age group, a freelance writer, a marketing student, a stage manager, and mother of 5. In the off season, Shelbi likes to read books, do crafts, play games, and dreams of living in Hawaii.

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