The Ultimate Cheer Camp

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One of the best parts of cheerleading has got to be cheer camp. Cheer camp is a place to work hard during the day so you can have extra fun that  night. When you’re away, you have the chance to meet so many new cheerleaders and learn new stunts and tumbling skills. It’s also one of the best places to bond with your team.

One of my best Cheer Camp memories is staying up until 1am with my teammates telling funny stories and sharing memories. I got to share the story of my first competition experience as well as my last one.

Looking back, my first year of cheer camp was definitely one of my favorites. Camp was a 2-hour drive away. So we all packed up and traveled as one big unit. Once we got on campus, while looking for a place to park, we got lost. We happened to see a bunch of cheerleaders holding up signs and laughing, so we drove over to ask for help. After finally parking, we unpacked all the cars in our caravan.

My cheer team and I love having door and room decorating competitions. So my roommate and I had bags upon bags filled with decorations along with our cheer gear. We  lugged our bags up the 4-flights of stairs to our room. We were so happy we had arrived! This years decor theme was Destination: Vacation. So the day before camp, we went shopping (for the ultimate in camp essentials, check out this blog) and found tons of cool decorations to fit the theme. We bought blow up chairs, string lights, rugs, cute decorative blankets, sheets, and blinds. We also brought plenty of snacks. We had things like gold fish, fruit snacks, Gatorade, water bottles, and chips. It felt like we were moving in! As soon as we brought everything up to our rooms, we started decorating. We danced and played our music so loud we thought the whole campus could probably hear. We even got on each others shoulders and so we could reach the super high spots. That’s what teamwork is all about! For a few more fun cheer camp stories, click here. 

On the flip side, cheer camp isn’t all fun and games. During camp one year, the temperature reached 98° and we spent the entire day and night outside, working hard and sweating in the heat. On the final day, all of our hard work and dedication came together for our showcase performance. We performed a 2 minute and 30 second routine with everything we had learned. After spending camp time bonding with your teammates you become great teammates and great friends.

Each year I look forward to cheer camp. These times will live on forever. I can’t wait to do it all over again!

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Kyaira Poel

Hi my name is Kyaira Collin and I’ve been cheering for 6 years. I have cheered for school as well as All-Star. Cheer is my favorite sport. It pushes you while allowing you to be who you are. Cheer teaches me how to be a good team-player, act responsibly, be strong and accountable for my actions.

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