Cheer Camp: The Ultimate Dream

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Let’s be honest, cheer camp can be an emotional roller coaster. It’s fun being in a new environment with your team but it can also feel stressful and intense learning new material in such a short time.

From someone who has been to at least 9 cheer camps, I know what my dream cheer camp would be like. I would say the most important aspect of a great Cheer Camp experience for me would be ATTITUDE! Whether it’s the attitude of myself, my team, my coach, or the camp instructors- having a positive attitude makes everything go smoothly. Without a solid attitude, it can be hard to stay focused and get things done. Check out another Cheer Camp Blog written by one of my fellow Chasse Ambassadors here. 

Cheer camp is supposed to be fun! Don’t let anyone’s bad attitude spoil your camp. Including your own. So wake up with a focused attitude, lots of energy, and a big smile on your face and your day will go well no matter what comes your way. Read on for a few more tips for the ultimate in Summer Camp experience.

Another thing that can make cheer camp a dream is a little bit of struggle. I know I know, you may be thinking- why would I want to struggle at cheer camp? Sometimes in the face of adversity or challenge is the time when we learn the most. All of the material and technique will stick with you if you keep working at it.

The last piece to a dream Cheer Camp is having fun! Camp is the time you and your team bond together and make memories. I’ve made so many memories at cheer camp that my friends and I still talk about them today. Funny things happen, sad things happen, and ultimately- great things happen.

Camp can be somewhat of a roller coaster ride- but if you remember these tips, it will be a roller coaster with memories, lessons, and friendships that last a lifetime.

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Lainie Stockton

Hi, my name is Lainie Stockton! I'm a Varsity and All-Star cheerleader. Cheer-leading has always been a big part of my life. It has taught me many things, but most importantly it has made me a better individual inside and out.

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