About Us

We put the “C” in Cheerleading!®

Cheerleading is not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle.

We are a leader and innovator in the world of cheerleading, committed to providing affordable and high-performance apparel and accessories to cheerleaders of all ages. Our philosophy can be explained in just three words: we understand cheerleaders. We also believe that cheerleading is not only a sport; it is lifestyle, and you are not just wearing a uniform, but an attitude.

We know that cheerleading is an exciting and demanding sport that requires uniforms and sportswear that look as great as they perform. The styles and colors a cheerleader chooses to wear not only represent his/her team but also the spirit of the sport. Chassé develops and tests its high-performance and stylish cheer uniforms, practice wear, poms and more for cheerleaders – and cheerleaders alone.

Just like you, Chassé has put in the work – and the results are high performance, comfortable styles that guarantee you’ll stand out from the crowd while you perform in front of one.

The Chassé brand is dedicated to quality, to affordability, and most of all, to cheerleaders around the world. We know your squad is serious about cheerleading, and we are too.